Friday, October 13, 2017

Shots in the Dark

Well the airwaves have really picked up the last little while. Since calling out a number of the SUREAL bullhorns, they have been on a rampage trying to out SurealFYI.

Of course they are pointing to the usual list of suspects and shooting in the dark.

Trouble is they really have no idea. In fact, most of them would pass me on the street and not even recognize me. Even my sources do not know who I am - I operate exclusively within a firewall to protect my company and its sources.

Let's have 100% clarity - I am NOT a candidate and NOT a part of anyone's campaign. Fact is, while I know who I will be voting for, I don't really care who gets elected as long as they are honest and ethical. That certainly scratches a few off my list but there are a good number of candidates left to choose from.

If you have paid close attention and given this information some thought you would realize this blog is not about the candidates, but about a small group of very arrogant businessmen who think they have the God-given right to buy and control local government and that every get-rich-quick scheme they come up with should be rubber-stamped by their puppet government. Many of them basically live in Phoenix or own businesses in Morinville. Sturgeon County is just a wallet to them.

Sadly, those few people have had the audacity to hijack this whole election from one where honest people could present their platform in a respectful manner, to a Trump-style mud-slinging, fact-twisting, cesspool. They have zero regard for the residents and taxpayers of Sturgeon County and apparently no regard for anything but their own business interests.

Maybe if enough people become aware of them and their tactics we will be able to have a clean and proper election 4 years from now.

As for my sources

I don't have a single source of information, I have many. Once again, they don't know who I am and I keep it that way. There is much more information than I have published, but I have been careful to fact-check it and released what the residents of Sturgeon County need to know. It is interesting that the bulk of my information comes from within SUREAL itself. Seems there are people who got involved and then realized it wasn't exactly what it said it was. As "disgusted" (their word not mine) as they were, they have remained linked in and fed me a play-by-play. Some very juicy stuff came because of the blatant sloppiness of one of their inner circle. A lot more has come from the many contacts I have throughout the region and perhaps the greatest source has come from simply researching through all the open-source and FOYPable information available.

My motive?

My previous profession was doing research and intelligence gathering at a national and international level. I moved to Sturgeon County for a slow-down in my life, but accepted an offer for a similar work for a new client, but at a slower pace, focused on Alberta governments and industry. I work in the background and very few people know what my job is - and I keep it that way. I learn a lot about what is going on in this area and who is doing what.

After buying my house, I found the development I bought into was never properly done, and the County (we taxpayers) have huge bills facing us to fix things. It was pretty obvious that developers and their cronies ran this County. I was heartened to see residents flush the toilet in the 2013 election which closed the back door of the County office for a lot of these folks. While the current council may have some shortcomings, I haven't seen a single thing that indicates that they, at least five of them, have done anything unethical or unreasonable. I do know they were left with a lot to clean up. I can't say so much for the other two who seen to have made it their personal mission to put a stick in the spokes of everything they do. If you take the time to check the actual council minutes, much of the stuff they complain about was stuff they actually voted in favor of. They are utter hypocrites.

I was utterly disgusted with the way a small group of businessmen would use their fat wallets to spew out a steady stream of misleading and biased information, all under the guise of a taxpayer group. What is worse is that they had no qualms about hijacking a reputable community organization for their own purpose, besmirched its reputation in the process. All this in a pure and straight forward attempt to unseat a group of councillors they haven't been able to buy off.

If you don't like what they do, then go cast you ballot like the rest of us.

Thus my releases. Their intent was to keep the other candidates informed of how they were being targeted and by whom as well as shine the light on some of the behind the scenes of this election for the residents of Sturgeon County. Hopefully you are a bit more informed when deciding to cast your vote.

Here's to a fair election and hopefully a clean campaign in 2021.

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