Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hnatiw's Commitment to Recreation Facilities for Sturgeon County Residents

Let's Build Recreation Facilities for the People - NOT

We are all very familiar with Hnatiw's campaign to build the Morinville Rec Center, at about $70 million. Her and her SUREAL kinfolk made this a key part of their platform, speaking about it at every SUREAL meeting and then some.

So you probably have the impression that she is places a very high priority of recreation facilities for the residents of Sturgeon County. Have another drink of the SUREAL Kool-Aid. As I've been saying for a year now, the entire Rec Center push from the Morinville Business-centric Rotary is to allow their members to sell more houses and draw business traffic to Morinville. The actual recreation benefits to the citizens is entirely inconsequential. 

Don't believe this; then let's take a look at the self-serving hypocrisy of Hnatiw and her gang on recreation issues. 

At their very first Council meeting they were asked for approval of a grant to a County community wishing to upgrade and improve a volunteer-run outdoor rink. This proposal would have gone through due diligence by County staff and apparently was recommended for approval. What better way to support healthy recreation and community building while being incredibly cost efficient than by supporting a neighborhood who for several years have been struggling to maintain a rink at their own time and expense.

So what did your new recreation-friendly council do (led by Hnatiw and Tighe)?

Thumbs down!

Seriously? And how much were they asking for? 
Not much - 1/1500th the cost of Hnatiw's white-elephant Morinville Rec Center that she's lobbied so hard for.

That's right, they could support one thousand five hundred (1500) of these rink applications for the cost of her rec center! That means every neighborhood in the county could have a well-funded outdoor rink for a fraction of the cost of her Morinville Rec Center.

Sorry - Not interested!

Just goes to prove - for all their election bluster about transparent and accountable representation of the residents and stewards of the taxpayer's dollars; this council is all about looking after Morinville Business Owners and Land Developers. 

For the rest of us average residents - pass the Vaseline.

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